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SMS vs Email Marketing.

Email and SMS are powerful communication tools that can be used to build relationships with your customers and drive conversions. Email marketing is very cost-effective and customizable. On the other hand, SMS marketing can grab your audience’s attention and can get in touch with them instantly. SMS vs Email Statistics. ● Volume: 74 Trillion emails […]

Loyalty mobile app – an important component of business growth.

Having a loyalty mobile app is a great tool to implement a loyalty program. It will encourage people to purchase more, help you build a strong relationship with every customer, and always stay connected with your buyers. 5 Reasons to have your own Loyalty Mobile App. 1. People use smartphones every day. 2. You can […]

5 simple ways to leverage QR Codes for a loyalty program.

Nowadays consumers are getting more demanding, so businesses have to become creative in their offerings. Today, in-store promotions, payments, and loyalty programs are easily available via the QR Code. Here are a few easy methods to implement QR Codes for your loyalty programs. 1. Social media. Add a CTA when including a QR Code-based loyalty […]

Social Media & Customer Loyalty.

Social media is increasingly becoming an exclusive platform where customers share their experiences and thoughts about the brand. • 49% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media posts of their friends and by a brand or retailer they follow on social media (30%). (Source: AdTaxi) • 53% of consumers said they […]

Importance of games and gamification in 2021.

Gаmificаtion аpproaches and techniques will continue to improve, and advanced loyalty marketing plаtform will make it eаsier for program operators to execute campaigns that persuade members to engage in specific behaviors.  While gamification will deliver a significant amount of value, the bigger emerging trend is games. Members of loyalty programs can expect increasing innovation in […]

Personalized Loyalty Programs is the Future of Marketing: Here’s Why

What prompts customers to be loyal?
Here’s a numerical breakdown of what matters most:
– 74% of consumers said product quality inspires loyalty;
– 66% said value for money keeps them coming back;
– 56% said it’s customer service that prompts loyalty.

How to set up an effective Black Friday digital coupon marketing campaign

Black Friday is (finally) coming. More than ever, this will be an essential matter for many businesses. Many businesses are affected by the Covid-19 situation. Black Friday may be a sales lift to cover some of the losses the Covid-19 pandemic caused.

Covid-19 proof coupon marketing campaigns for restaurants & retailers

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Your Best Asset: What Makes Customer Loyalty So Important?

Developing a strategy to boost customers’ loyalty to your brand is critical to your business’s long-term success.