Digital Loyalty & Rewards Cards

Digital Loyalty & Reward Cards

Use our Loyalty Card Builder to create mobile Loyalty Cards and combine loyalty rewards with our digital coupons.


Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, people are connected at all times. Businesses should respond to this. Digital Loyalty Cards are the perfect tool to maintain an intimate relationship with your customers. Furthermore, it results in accurate and actionable customer insights.

One-stop solution for the creation, distribution, and validation of Digital Loyalty Cards. 2 Reward Me simplifies maintaining relationships with your audience.


Choose the Loyalty Program for your business.

Customer retention is the name of the game! Digital loyalty programs and coupons drive customers into storefronts and our platfom tracks coupon redemption and keeps customers engaged with automated offers and geo-location notifications.

Mobile Wallet

Loyalty Cards are your access to the client’s Mobile Wallet and the client’s smartphone. With Loyalty Card in the client’s mobile wallet, you can enable proximity and location-based marketing campaigns.

Increase Sales

Rewards Card Apps and Loyalty Card Apps are a proven way to get more and new customers by simply rewarding your customer’s Loyalty.

Data Analysis

Monitor and analyze your customer’s activity through our easy-to-use, web-based dashboard. Capture accurate customer data of clients that matter, monitor points, punches or rewards issuance and redemption.

Secure Validation

Highly secure validation of coupons, stamps/points using our proprietary validation methods.  Easy POS integration options, work with any provider.

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Digital Loyalty Card Types

Stamp card:

Stamps are issued for each transaction, whether based on a purchase, visit, or any other predetermined action.

Perfect when the transaction is based around the repeatable purchase of a product, service, or action.

After a customer has received a certain amount of stamps, then he/she will receive a reward. Exact the same as a punch card. The rewards are setup by the business owner. The customer cannot choose a reward.

Point card:

Points are issued for each transaction, whether it is a purchase of a product, service, or any other predetermined action.

Users always unlock the first reward in the list. Points will not be deducted.

Similar to the stamp card but instead of stamps, you’ll give your customers points instead of stamps. The rewards are setup by the business owner. The customer cannot choose a reward.

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Reward card:

Points are issued for each transaction, whether it is a purchase of a product or service, or any other predetermined action.

Similar to the point card, customers can collect & save points & view an overview of all available rewards, can select when & which reward he/she wants. Unavailable rewards are visible but locked until the customer reaches a specific amount of points.

Users are in charge whether they unlock rewards straightaway or save up points to unlock bigger rewards. If unlocked, the points are decreased.

How to work with the Digital Loyalty Program.

1. Create Digital Loyalty Cards

Create Digital Loyalty Card

Start from one of the many template Loyalty Cards and completely customize it to your branding.

2. Publish Digital Loyalty Cards

Publish Loyalty Cards

Publish your Loyalty Cards within a few clicks through your favorite communication channels.

3. Validate & Issue Point / Stamps

Validate & Issue Point & Stamps

Carefully assign points or stamps to Loyalty Cards with the platform’s built-in validation methods.

4. Analyse Campaign Data

Analyse Campaign Data

Consult your real-time campaign data and customer statistics to adjust your future digital campaigns if needed.

Actionable Real-Time Data Insight

Complete access to all your Loyalty data.

The 2 Reward Me platform provides you a web-based dashboard to consult all your Loyalty statistics. Analyze your Loyalty Card usage, activities over different venues and money spent value. Fine-tune your future campaigns with these unique insights.


You have access to your full customer database including all the extracted contact details of your loyal customers. You are the sole owner of this data.

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