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Frequently Asked Questions 2 Reward Me Marketing Platform

What is so special about your Marketing Platform?

The 2 Reward Me communications platform puts you in control and gives you the tools to engage and RE-engage your audience. We offer several modules such as the Digital Coupons, Loyalty & Rewards Programs, Gamified Coupons, Mobile Marketing, and Smart Retail Marketing from the easy to use and affordable monthly software subscription. With a single platform, you can utilize omnichannel engagement and re-engagement marketing as well as integrate your existing marketing tools and mobile wallet technology.

Does 2 Reward Me enables merchants and marketers to manage their own digital campaigns?

Yeah, completely. You can create your own campaigns, loyalty program, digital coupons using our Campaign Composer (No coding is required). And, modifying existing templates is as easy as you update your Facebook status.

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, we have a 7 days free trial period. You can start without submitting your credit card. Once you are ready to convert to the paid subscription plan, you can select a monthly plan that fits your need best in the control panel.

Do I need to sign a long term contract or I can cancel at any time?

No long term contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you ever decide that 2 Reward Me isn’t the best marketing solution for your business, you can simply cancel the account payments within the control panel.

What are the biggest differences between the price packages?

Here are the differences between Starter, Advanced and Enterprise:

The difference between the plan is based on the following; number of interactions, locations, and campaigns from the usage perspective and marketing features from the usability and capabilities perspective. 


1,000 user interactions
Lite campaign builder: With the lite campaign builder you have limited features

For example:

You can only use our preset colors for the coupon.

You cannot place your social media on the coupon.

You have limited claim actions (share coupon on Facebook, enter personal data, make a payment or enter personal data + make a payment).

You can use the validation button, validation password and a QR-code as a validation method.

You have basic distribution methods: QR Code, Web Link, SMS and Email messages. 

Coupon footer will display that the coupons are powered by 2 Reward Me, With Advanced subscription plan you are able to change that to your own company name


5,000 user interactions
Advanced coupon builder:

With the Advanced coupon builder you can create a coupon with the colors that you want to have instead of using the preset colors.

You are able to add more details on your coupon.
for example, you can add a countdown timer when the coupon will be expired.

You can add a start date of when the coupon will be available.

You can setup a fixed number of coupons that a user can claim or validate.

You can add a social login for the customer. This means that before they proceed with the coupon they will have to login first either with Facebook, Google, Email or with Data capture.

Google Sign In has been temporarily disabled. Will be back up again soon!

You have more claim actions (Install an app, Watch a video + make a payment and you can add more options with ‘Enter personal data’).

You can use Mobile Wallet as a save method for the customers.

All validation methods.

You can change the ‘powered by’ text to your company name.

More integration methods


10,000 user interactions
Has all the features of Starter and Advanced altogether.
Access to REST API & Webhooks
Dedicated customer success manager
You can import custom barcodes


Anyone can request a custom quote whether you are Starter, Advanced or Enterprise plan user. 
With a custom quote you can request:

A custom CRM integration
A custom email or SMS integration
Custom game development
Graphic design
POS integration
Custom Google & iOS development
Project management
SLA (service-level agreement)

Which types of loyalty cards can I create?

We have 3 different types of loyalty cards:

After a customer has received a certain amount of stamps, then he/she will receive a reward. Exact the same as a punch card. The rewards are setup by the business owner. The customer cannot choose a reward.

Similar to the stampcard but instead of stamps, you’ll give your customers points instead of stamps. The rewards are setup by the business owner. The customer cannot choose a reward.

Similar to the pointcard but with this loyalty card the customer can collect & save points and view an overview of all available rewards. The customer can select when and which reward he/she wants if available. Example: Collect 100 points to get a 5$ OFF or save more and collect 1000 points to get a free meal. Unavailable rewards are visible but locked until the customer reach a specific amount of points.

*What is User / Customer Interaction?

Customer or user interaction is defined when:

  • Coupon is opened through a web view, on the phone or API call.
  • Coupon or any other message sent to the customer via SMS, Email, or Push Notification. If a customer opens, claims, save and validate a coupon this only counted as 1 customer interaction.
  • Loyalty card user has received points or stamps is 1 interaction, reward issued to user and claimed, saved and validated its 1 interaction.
  • It’s your choice how to use your allowed amount of User Interactions, you can use them for a mix of marketing activities such as coupons, loyalty, SMS, email etc, or use them all for one channel for example SMS or coupons only.
  • You are in control on how you utilize set of marketing tools enabled for your account, with our prices there are no surprises.More information on 2 Reward Me terminology can be found here interactions explained

How to temporary stop the recurring monthly payments?

If you have no need for the 2 Reward Me platform for some period you can stop the payment plan at any time and reactivate it later without losing your account, campaigns and settings. During this period you have still access to your account in trial mode. You can still create campaigns in trial mode.

The maximum duration of your freeze period can be 3 months

Go to ‘plans & prices’ and go to ‘manage plan’
Click on ‘Cancel payment subscription’
Now you can select ‘temporary freeze’ or ‘Cancel subscription’
To stop payments temporarily and keep your account alive select ‘Temporary freeze payments’
You will receive a confirmation email after you freezed your payments.

When you want to reactivate your payment subscription just login with your account credentials and select ‘upgrade now’ on the dashboard.

Our platform will guide you how to re-activate your payment plan.

*What is Redeem Location?

When a consumer presents the claimed coupon at the point of sale to take advantage the offer, that’s called redeeming. Redeeming is a term that relates to the point of view of the consumer.

If you using Mobile Wallet Marketing you can enable geofence push notification reminding customers about the available offer when the customer is near the redeem location.

Redeem Location doesn’t have to be your physical store, you can setup redeem location to send push notification to your customers when they near your competitor or any geo-location.

You are limited to the number of locations you can add per subscription plan:

Starter: Up to 3 redeem locations

The starter package is a lightweight package with limited traffic and branding options. You have a small business with 3 redeem locations. You can create up to 10 coupons.

Advanced: Up to 10 redeem locations

The Advanced package is a solid package with medium traffic and complete branding options. You have a small business with up to 10 redeem locations. You can create up to 30 coupons.

Enterprise: Up to 30 redeem locations

The Enterprise package is a solid package with high traffic and complete branding options. You have a small business with up to 30 redeem locations. You can create up to 100 coupons.

More information on 2 Reward Me terminology can be found here redeem locations explained

What is the difference between the Lite and Advanced coupon builder?

Lite builder:

Logo (max 2 logo’s can be uploaded)
Coupon image
Preset colors
Limited claim actions ( Share on Facebook, Enter personal data, Make a payment, Enter personal data + make a payment )
Limited save methods ( Save2Email, Save2PDF, Print coupon )
Limited validation methods ( QR code, Password validation, Validation widget, Locations password validation )
Fixed expiration date.
Description about the coupon
Terms and Conditions
You cannot change the powered by settings on your coupons

Advanced builder:

The advanced coupon builder grants access to premium features of the coupon builder. Here’s a list:
Ability to upload unlimited logo’s
Completely customizable coupon layout
Fixed expiration date, Coupon start date, Flexible start date and expiration date
Expiry counter displayed on the coupon
Set up a limited amount of coupons to be claimed/validated
All the claim actions (Share on Facebook, Enter personal data, Make a payment, Enter personal data + make a payment, Install an app, Watch a video, Watch a video + make a payment)
Set up a coupon validity time after the customer has fulfilled a claim action
All save methods ( Save2Email, Save2PDF, Print coupon, Save2MobileWallet )
All validation methods ( QR code, Password validation, Validation widget, Location password validation, Barcodes)
Use your language on your coupon
Link your social media
Add Google Analytics tracking code and Retargeting pixels
Set up a redirect URL after the coupon has been expired or validated
Set up a reset timer after validation and/or expiration
Get an email notification after each claim and/or validation

*How do you measure the user interactions?

The monthly allowed Customer Interactions quotas are measured on a monthly basis and reset to zero on the first day of a new month.

What if I need more Customer Interactions, Redeem Locations, or Campaigns?

We have several additional preset packages with more user interactions, campaigns and locations. Here is an overview.

If you need more traffic that included in our Enterprise and Plus packages we will charge $0.035 for every user interaction above 50,000
Please reach out to us if you need a to signup for an additional pricing plan listed above or need a custom plan. Please send us an email to [email protected] or complete form on the contact page.

What if I will reach limit of user interactions before end of the billing cycle?

We will not interrupt your marketing campaigns or deactivate coupons and loyalty cards if you will reach your limit of user interactions. If your usage overage is 10% or less, we will allow free overdraft use. If it’s more than 10% or before the 20th day of the billing cycle we may update you to the next package to issue more user interactions.

It’s a good idea to be in touch with us if you plan a large campaign, or if you see that your usage is higher than usual.
Please reach out to us if you need a to signup for an additional pricing plan listed above or need a custom plan. Please send us an email to [email protected] or complete the form on the contact page.

How long will be data remain on your servers?

We take data security & privacy very seriously.

Active clients

We do not remove any data as long as you are an active client.

You, as a user, can remove data from your account.
Note: If you remove a coupon including history from your account the data is permanently removed.

If you have a lot of data and you want to have it removed you can contact us at [email protected] and our team can help with this task.

Temporary freezed/stopped

We do not remove any data as long as you are temporarily stopped.
If you decide to come back you will still have your previous coupons, vouchers, and loyalty cards including all the data.
If you not come back within 1 year your account is canceled.


Exactly 1 year after your account’s expiration date we will remove all your data from our servers.
This action cannot be undone. Data is permanently removed.
If you want to have your data removed faster, just contact us at [email protected] and we can remove it within 1-2 workdays.

Distribution methods and integrations.

Which distribution methods and integrations are available for each subscription?

2 Reward Me is a cross-media platform for coupon distribution across all marketing channels.

You can send email campaigns from our dashboard or connect with Mailchimp and other email providers.

We have an advanced SMS software integrated
You can schedule bulk SMS campaigns and setup auto responders.

Social media
Share your coupons on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Linkedin

In apps
You can integrate our platform in your existing IOS & Google Play apps.

On (mobile) websites
Our coupons can be integrated into (mobile responsive) websites. Add highly-visible coupons to your website to convert visitors into customers.
We also have a tool to show coupon popups to visitors based on behavior. (eg exit intent)

QR codes
For print advertising, you can create QR codes to hyperlink to the coupons.

WiFi networks
Give consumers free access to your WiFi and redirect their browser to your mobile coupon.

NFC tags
Connect NFC tags to our coupons. Phones with NFC enabled can be held close to the NFC tag to load the mobile coupon.

A beacon is a proximity awareness feature that triggers a reaction in the consumer’s phone or tablet to which he or she can respond via an app.


Social Media
URL Link
QR Codes


Every distribution and integration of Starter + All Advanced Coupon Builder Distribution Options
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Website Popups
Mobile Marketing Kiosk
Social Media
NFC Tags


Every distribution and integration of Starter and Advanced, plus

What's the difference between Claiming, Redeeming and Validating?

You can set a claim action on our coupons which consumers must perform before they can claim (= use) the coupon.
We offer the following claim actions:

Share coupon on Facebook
Enter a promotional code
Install an app
Watch a video
Make a payment
Enter personal data + Make a payment
Watch a video + Enter personal data
Watch a video + Make a payment

When a consumer presents the claimed coupon at the point of sale to make use of the offer, that’s called redeeming.
Redeeming is a term that relates to the point of view of the consumer.

When a coupon is exchanged at and processed through the point of sale, that’s called validating. After validation the coupon cannot be used again.
Validating is a term that relates to the point of view of the vendor.

Do I need to pay for future updates and newly added features?

Nope. You pay only for your monthly plan subscription, if you see any features not available for your plan, simply upgrade to the next tier. And, we got your back. Awesome, right?

Who is owner of the captured data in my account, coupons and/or loyalty cards?

We may process the personal data we collect for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy , and thereby act as a data processor for those limited purposes.
We act only as a, in GDPR terms, data processor, as regards the processing of your information for the purpose of providing the services subscribed by your company. Our campaigns are in full compliance with FCC, CAN-SPAM Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Your company is the data owner and controller.

Data processors process personal data on behalf of the controller.

We never sell your personal information to third parties.
We store all personal information on redundant servers.
We make sure your data is stored with the highest security standards.

How can the coupons be validated?

At the moment we have 6 different methods to validate a coupon.
You can use 1 method or combine multiple methods for each coupon.

1. On mobile device
Validate the coupon on the customer’s device either by entering a password or simply pressing a ‘redeem’ button without password.
(This option does not work for printable coupons.)

2. QR code validation
Every mobile device (phone or tablet) with a camera and QR scanner can be used as a validation system. At validation, the cashier scans the validation QR Code during checkout and enters the validation password.

3. Validation Widget/App

We offer a validation widget and validation app to validate coupons. Our widget runs on any device with an internet browser and connection. Our app can be downloaded in the app stores.
When you are using the validation widget our coupon will display a unique 6 digit validation code on the validation page which you can enter in the validation app/widget. Our validation widget also allows you to save extra personal data from your customer like the ‘money spent’ value.

Here is also some more information about how the validation widget/app works

4. Barcodes / own validation codes
You can import and use your own validation codes. Our system will automatically assign one of your unique validation codes for every distributed coupon.

For example, if you work with your own POS system or with a coupon clearinghouse or coupon aggregator website you can import those unique validation barcodes in our platform.

We support all popular barcode formats.

5. Physical Stamps
With the physical stamp, you can just stamp the smartphone screen to validate the coupon or add a loyalty stamp. Each Stamp has multi touchpoints. That can be individually identified when it is stamped on the screen of the smartphone.

6. API integration
You can use our API & webhooks to develop your own validation process.
For example an embedded solution in your back office or CRM or POS devices.
With the API you can also store additional information like ‘money spent’, cashier name, cashier device, location etc.

Can I setup secure "single use" coupons?

Every coupon has a multi-use coupon URL e.g.  coupon.2reward.me/p/abcdef
This method offers basic protection based on a cookie in the consumer’s device web browser.
Consumers can forward their coupon URL to friends or use the same coupon on multiple devices.

“Single-use” security mode.
Single-use codes have a unique coupon URL for every consumer. e.g. coupon.2reward.me/p/123456789
These coupons can only be validated once.

How to use “single-use coupons”?

Solution 1:
If you use our built-in e-mail or SMS integration, our system will automatically generate a unique single-use link for every e-mail or SMS receipent.

Solution 2:
Create and download single-use codes in our platform. We have an integration called “single-use codes”. You can generate here batch files of hundreds or thousands of single-use codes.

Solution 3:
You can also create single-use codes with our API.

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