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Campaign Builder

2 Reward Me is the leading solution for the creation, distribution and validation of effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

What is the difference between the Lite and Advanced coupon builder?

Lite builder:

  • Logo (max 2 logos can be uploaded)
  • Coupon image
  • Preset colors
  • Limited claim actions ( Share on Facebook, Enter personal data,
    Make a payment, Enter personal data + make a payment )
  • Limited save methods ( Save2Email, Save2PDF, Print coupon )
  • Limited validation methods ( QR code, Password validation,
    Validation widget & App, Locations password validation )
  • Fixed expiration date.
  • Description About the coupon
  • Terms and Conditions
  • You cannot change the powered by settings on your coupons

Advanced builder:

The advanced coupon builder grants access to premium features of the coupon builder. Here’s a list:

  • Ability to upload unlimited logos
  • Completely customizable coupon layout
  • Fixed expiration date, Coupon start date, Flexible start date & expiration date
  • Expiration counter displayed on the coupon
  • Set up a limited amount of coupons to be claimed/validated
  • All of the available claim actions (Share on Facebook, Enter personal data,
    Make a payment, Enter personal data + make a payment, Install an app,
    Watch a video, Watch a video + make a payment)
  • Set up a coupon validity time after the customer has fulfilled a claim action
  • All save methods ( Save2Email, Save2PDF, Print coupon, Save2MobileWallet )
  • All validation methods ( QR code, Password validation, Validation widget & App, Location password validation, Barcodes)
  • Use multiple languages on your coupon
  • Link your social media
  • Add Google Analytics tracking code and Retargeting pixels
  • Set up a redirect URL after the coupon has been expired or validated
  • Set up a reset timer after validation and/or expiration
  • Get an email notification after each claim and/or validation

How to get started.

Coupon creation, distribution, validation, adding claim methods and the generation of valuable insights. The software’s campaign manager has it all. Benefit from the versatility of the 2 Reward Me Digital Coupon Builder and take your Mobile Marketing efforts to the next level.

Easy Coupon Building

Create engaging Digital Coupons in minutes with our web-based software platform.
With our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) builder, you can build your first coupon on day one.

Integrated templates

Select one of the many professionally designed templates and customize it for your brand and campaign, simply upload your logo and change colors in the coupon builder.

Fully customizable

Rebrand the Digital Coupons with your logo and your look and feel, there are so many ways you can build your coupons.

Coupon Claim Methods

Users need to enter personal datashare on Facebook, watch a video, install an app or make a payment to unlock the Coupon,

Coupon saving & sharing

Users can share, print or save the Coupon, It can also be saved to mobile wallets and linked with proximity and location-based marketing for the best results.

Redeem location(s)

Add all redeem locations of the Digital Coupon including address, phone number, website and opening hours. We can enable locations list or map on the coupon page to display location nearest to the customer.

Social Media buttons

Add all your favorite Social Media channels to your Coupon. Add up to 10 social network links to your coupons.

Validation methods

Choose among 5 different validation methods to validate the Digital Coupon.
Manage your coupon programs with rules for multi-use or single-use coupons.

POS Integration

Import your barcodes and select your preferred, supported barcode format to integrate in your POS. Import serial coupon codes if you prefer unique code validation option,

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