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Digital Coupon Directory

A coupon directory is basically a digital coupon book or coupon catalog.

With the coupon directory, you can:

Setup a registration for your customers

Setup a payment system. This means that before users want to see the coupons, they will have to pay first. There are several ways to this. Either let them pay daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or do a one-time payment to access the directory.

Completely customize the coupon directory the way you want it to be
(layout of the coupons, colors, custom categories, etc…).

Integrate it on your website, mobile app, Facebook, WordPress Iframe and Kiosk

Digital Coupons Directory Features


Categorize your offers within the Directory to improve the user-friendliness.

User registration

Require users to register themselves before accessing the coupon Directory.

Payment integrations

Set up payment integrations for your Mobile Coupon Directory to ask for a registration fee or sell prepaid offers and vouchers.

GPS location

Display a full-screen maps integration so customers effortlessly find their way to your location.

Easy distribution

Integrates perfectly in your existing website, Social Media Channels, app or kiosk.

Search Functionality

Customers can browse within the coupon Directory to find their favorite deals.

Digital Coupons Directory Marketing

Digital Coupons

Connect with your audience through digital coupons and trigger conversions.

Digital Vouchers

Accept payments through digital vouchers. Either to unlock a discount or a gift card.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Set up a digital loyalty program and turn visitors into customers.

Unified Coupon Directory

Collect all your digital campaigns in one mobile coupon directory. Publish online, in the mobile app, or Facebook.

Mobile Kiosk

Interact with venue visitors and let them sent discounts to themselves.

SMS & E-Mail Marketing

Setup a registration for your customers to capture opt-in and easily distribute your digital campaigns using our SMS & E-mail software tools.

Add your Digital Coupons Directory to the Website or Facebook page.

To add your coupon directory to the website, simply publish and configure your coupon directory and follow simple instructions under the launch tab in your coupon builder.

You will see that you have multiple options to integrate the coupon directory (Mobile app, Website, WordPress Iframe, Kiosk Mode, Facebook Tab).

Simply copy and paste the <iframe> code in your HTML file and your coupon directory is published for you.

Need help with updating your outdated website or to develop a new site with embedded coupons directory? We can help and deliver hosted and managed website or mobile app solutions at affordable prices.

How to set up a Digital Coupon Directory?

1. Create Digital Coupon Campaigns

Create Digital Coupon

Create digital coupon campaigns to publish in the Directory

2. Add Coupons to Directory

Add Coupons to Directory

Add all desirable campaigns to your Coupon Directory.

3. Configure Digital Directory Settings

Configure Directory Settings

Carefully set up the Directory settings.

4. Publish Digital Coupons Directory

Publish Coupons Directory

Add the Directory to your favorite communication channel.

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