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Digital Waitlist

Digital Waitlist, Contactless Solution!

Make your customer service great, save time and money, and increase customer satisfaction level with our digital waitlist management system.

In today’s practice of social distancing, retail businesses can utilize QR code functionality to increase ‘touchless’ options for customers.

Contactless Digital Waitlist makes it easier for customers to join the waitlist while standing outside of a business by scanning a QR code or sending a text message.

2RewardMe offers a solution for the “Appointment” website widget as a part of our website development service. All of the website subscription plans include options for businesses to use the “Schedule Appointment” feature to let customers join waitlists remotely, and usually, customers would access these features from business websites.

However, in cases where a customer has already arrived at the business and your staff is unable to greet them in person, adding a QR code to a flyer or sign posted near the front door with some simple instructions can be an easier way to get customers to join the waitlist. Using a QR code to open up a link to the web widget in their phone browsers is easier than having them type in the web URL directly.


You can print or download your QR code and add it to whatever signage you have for customers.

Using the QR code feature can provide a touchless option instead of a sign-in kiosk, or simply save your staff time from needing to enter each customer’s information into the waitlist app.

When you add customers to the waitlist or they add themselves remotely, the system will send them a confirmation text with a link to the Waitlist page. Details such as a number in line, about sales, links to menus/catalogs, or instructions for signing up for a rewards program could all be a great way to help customers pass the time while they are waiting.


Here is how it works for the Customer

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR Code with your phone’s camera, simply open the camera and point it to the QR code.

Register to Join the Waitlist

Keep the camera focused on the QR Code and and wait for a second.
Click on the link on your screen in the top area of your screen.

Join the Waitlist

The waitlist check-in website will open up, enter your phone number.

See Waitlist Status

The mobile website will provide info on your place in line, give you options to change your status, and communicate with us.

Check-In Screen

Enter your mobile number and details of the service.

Check-In Received

The mobile website will display a message. confirming your check-in / being added to the waitlist.

Waitlist Status Page

The webpage shows your place on the waitlist and has an option to change the current status.

Text Message Confirmation

The waitlist system will send a text message to the customer confirming waitlist check-in.

Waitlist System (Employee Interface)

The Waitlist System can be accessed from any employee-facing device with internet access, computer, tablet, browser-enabled POS system, or even a smartphone. 

You can begin using the Waitlist System right away on any internet-connected device, immediately after setup, it takes just a few minutes to configure your digital waitlist. 

  • Your customers only need to take a picture or send a text. They can use virtually any mobile phone, and there are no apps to download.
  • Once they join the waitlist, people can wait anywhere. They’ll receive a text when it’s their turn to come inside.
  • Your team can manage all of your in-person visitors, see their check-in status, queue on the list, send 2-way messaging to the customer, and more.
  • The waitlist is integrated with our digital loyalty and coupon features, you can add points, issue coupons, and redeem rewards from the same application.

Monthly Pricing Plans
Digital Waitlist

No Setup Fees!  No Long Term Contracts!

Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime!



Price for month





Digital Waitlist

 up to 50 Waitlist entries / day

(1,500 entires / month)
1 Waitlist / Location

$ 59.99/mo

Waitlist customer website

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Waitlist Manager Account

 QR Code & SMS entry option


Digital Waitlist

up to 150 Waitlist entries / day

(5,000 entires / month)

up to 3 Waitlists / Locations

$ 199.99/mo

Waitlist customer website

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Waitlist Manager Account

 QR Code & SMS entry option


Digital Waitlist

up to 500 Waitlist entries / day

(20,000 entires / month)

 up to 15 Waitlists / Locations

$ 499.99/mo

Waitlist customer website

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Waitlist Manager Account

 QR Code & SMS entry option


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do my customers need an active mobile number to get added to the waitlist?

Yes, they need to be able to receive a text message from the system to be added to the waitlist and receive a place in line status update for the best user experience. However, if the phone is able to scan the QR code, open a mobile website, and register to be added to the waitlist, the customer can monitor status on the website and not via text messages.

Do my customers need a smartphone to get added to the waitlist?

No, they can also use a basic mobile phone as long as it has the ability to send and receive text messages.

Can my customers join the waitlist before they arrive on site?

Yes, if you want to provide this option, simply add the QR barcode, link to the registration page, or texting instructions to your website, email newsletter, and other communications channels.

How do my employees manage the waitlist?

Using the attendant interface on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, your employees can advance or rewind the waitlist customer’s position, status, and send an announcement to all customers who are waiting, and more.

Do I need to have an employee stand at the door to add people to the waitlist and let people in?

No, the system is designed to remove the need to station an employee at the entrance, use an outdoor-facing digital sign or printer poster to provide instructions to customers. However, you may still choose to post an employee at the entry door during periods of peak demand.

Does it integrate with my POS or loyalty program?

Possibly. We provide you with the link to access the waitlist management interface, this link can be added, embedded, or i-framed into your existing POS system, Our team has experience developing integrations with third-party systems, and we are eager to hear which backend system you use so we can prioritize integrations.

What speed of Internet connection do I need, does it require any hardware?

The digital waitlist system works with virtually any WiFi and internet connection. While it doesn’t require very high speed, it does work best with a stable Internet connection. No additional hardware is required, all you need is access to the internet and a device that you can use to manage the waitlist.

What kind of training and support do I receive?

We provide online training, as well as technical support via phone, email, and live chat.

Where do my customers wait while they're in the queue?

It’s up to you. Depending on the layout of your business, you can recommend that customers wait in their cars, in a designated area outside, in a designated area inside, or anywhere within a short walk.

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