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An app is your way onto the audience’s phone. Since phones are always with them, this is very valuable. Easily implement your digital campaigns in your existing app.

No app yet? You can create your Digital  Coupon Directory app with our marketing tools. It’s all possible at 2 Reward Me!

A Digital Coupon Directory is a collection of all your digital campaigns in one app. It’s the perfect tool to group discounts when you’re offering multiple discounts at once.


Our tools for App marketing


Accurate overview of customer and campaign data.


Integrate a Mobile Coupon Directory as a tab into your existing app.


Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons

Promotion software

Create, distribute and validate your homemade digital campaigns.

Coupon app

Your mobile Coupon app is available in both stores.

Sample App marketing campaigns

Mobile Coupon Directory in-app

Integrate an entire Coupon Directory as a tab into your existing app.

Don’t have an app? We can help and develop a native mobile app for your business.

Push notifications with deal embedded

Attach tempting digital discounts to your push notifications and trigger desirable actions.

Single Coupon in app

Weekly deal section. Offer a weekly Spin Wheel or Scratch & Win Coupon to stimulate app visits.

How to work with Digital Coupon Directory.

1. Create Digital Coupons

Create Digital Coupons

Start from one of the many template Coupons and completely customize it to your branding.

2. Add campaigns to Directory

Add Coupon Directory.

Add all desirable campaigns to your Coupon Directory.

3. Configure Directory Settings

Configure Directory Settings.

Carefully set up the Directory settings.

4. Publish Coupon Directory

Publish Coupons Directory

Add the Directory to your favorite communication channel.

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Digital Gamification Coupon Types

Spin & Win

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Spin & Win Coupons.


Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Match2Win coupons.

Scratch & Win

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Scratch & Win Coupons.

Memory Game

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Memory Game Coupons.

Slot Machine

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Slot Machine Coupons.

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