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Mobile Wallet Loyalty

Mobile Wallet Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Get a ‘Starbucks” like loyalty program for a price you can afford

A powerful management tool for running mobile wallet loyalty programs,
ideal for small businesses, brands, service providers, and marketing agencies.

Loyalty Program

Start with proven customer loyalty program schemes like stamp cards, or points or build your own unique loyalty program.


Features included: Stamp Card / Punch Card, Multilevel Offers, Customer Referral Rewards, Customizable Point Scheme, White Label Signup Page, Scanning and Verification App

Customer Referral

Go viral and let your existing members recruit new members and reward them for doing so – word-of-mouth marketing at its best. You have complete control over when a new member is counted as referral, e.g. require them to obtain some points beforehand.

Multi-Level Offers

Reward your most active customers with special offers or engage your less active customers by offering them a better discount once they reach a certain level. Ideal for VIP membership programs.

Stamp cards

2 Reward Me Loyalty includes pre-built loyalty programs for stamp cards, so you can setup your stamp card based loyalty program within seconds.

Custom Points Program

You have a pretty good idea how you want to build your loyalty scheme? No problem – Our point based system is fully configurable, reward a custom amount of points for different activities like joining, providing email/phone numbers, installing or using the card.


Your customers will get an easy to use and convenient digital card that they will always carry with them on their mobile phones. The days are over when they did forget the card at home or did trash it due to their overloaded wallet.

Features included:

Personalized Loyalty Card
Automatic Card Updates
Point Balance
Customer Name
Customer Email
Customer Phone Number
Customer Activity History
Customer Management Interface

Digital Loyalty Card

The personal digital loyalty card is the starting point for interactions.
The customer can update his profile, check for new offers and earn points. The best thing: the card will automatically update to the most recent offer and always have current point balance.

Point Balance

Every customer has a point balance you can track. When reaching a certain amount of points, you can allow him to buy goods for points or just reward him with special offers.


Every customer can create his own profile, allowing him to personalize his loyalty card. You can even reward customers with points when they enter their contact details like name, email or phone number.

Activity History

Keep track of all loyalty related activities of your customers. You see how, when and how many points a customer earned, how he did spend them and when you redeemed offers.


Tailor your offers to your customers. Give better rewards to loyal customers and motivate the others with special time-limited offers. Send notifications and keep in touch with your customers.


Features included: Micro-Location iBeacon Notifications, Geolocation Notifications, Push Notifications, Point-dependent Offers, Scheduled / Time-based Offers, Per Customer and Total Availability Restrictions, Free or Paid Offers

Scheduled Offers

Set start and ending date for special offers let 2 Reward Me Loyalty do the rest. The customer can be notified when offers become available and when they expire.

Tiered Offers

Only want to reward loyal customers? No problem – Make your offer only available to customers that have a certain amount of points. The offer will be made available automatically once a customer earned enough points


You can remind customers when they are near your store using GPS location or iBeacon Micro-Location. You can also send messages about new offers or remind them to redeem the offers.


Keep control of your offers. You can define limits like only one offer per customer or put a limit on the total number of offers that can be claimed (first come first served).

Benefits of a Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty

Your customers will save money, enjoy using their customer card, share your vision, will feel special and valued. Your efforts of consistently producing those positive emotional experience will be rewarded with your customer’s loyalty.

Saving Money

Customers can save a money with your special offers and they will like it!

Great Convenience

Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programs are so convenient to use – your customers will love it. Surveys show that 92 out of 100 customers don’t want to give up their personal mobile wallet cards (261 participants).

Strong Relationship

Your customers will feel special and valued. This will strengthen the relationship of your customers to your business

Shared Vision

Your customers will appreciate your vision of the mobile wallet and be supporting participants on this journey. They will like to be part of something groundbreaking.

Increased Revenue

You will increase your revenue by various mean: You will get new customers and be better able to retain existing customers. You can up- and cross-sell your products and reduce your promotional and advertising costs by targeting the right customers. You will stand out from your competitors and make your customers happy — all this for an affordable price.

New Customers

The loyalty program will attract new customers to your business; either via customer referrals or your rewards and special offers.

Up- and Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling will help you sell more and enhance the value the customer get from your business (and vice versa)

Reduced Costs

You will be able to reduce promotional and advertising costs by targeting the right customers with right promotions.


A Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program will cost only a fraction of traditional loyalty programs – this makes it affordable for every business.

Mobile Wallet Marketing
Monthly Plans

No Setup Fees!  No Long Term Contracts!

Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime!

Select a Plan that fits your business and Start 14 Days Free Trial!



Price for month








500 Mobile Wallet Passes

$ 29/mo

Program & Offers templates

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Push Notifications to your base

Real-Time Analytics Reporting

Geo-Fencing Notifications

Proximity Beacons Ready

Validation Widget or App

Facebook & email integration

Support via chat & email


2,000 Mobile Wallet Passes

$ 99/mo

Program & Offers templates

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Push Notifications to your base

Real-Time Analytics Reporting

Geo-Fencing Notifications

Proximity Beacons Ready

Validation Widget or App

Facebook & email integration

Support via chat & email

Landing Page - Website


10,000 Mobile Wallet Passes

$ 449/mo

Program & Offers templates

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Push Notifications to your base

Real-Time Analytics Reporting

Geo-Fencing Notifications

Proximity Beacons Ready

Validation Widget or App

Facebook & email integration

Support via chat, email, phone

Landing Page Website

Custom Plan


Need something custom?

Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on all phones?

YES! Our Mobile Wallet Loyalty works on all major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, even other devices like iPad, iPod and more, allowing you to offer a universal Mobile Wallet Punch Card solution.

Is it secure enough, can customers cheat the system?

NO! Customers cannot validate their own Punch Cards. Only approved smartphones can securely validate Punch Cards by simply scanning the Punch Card on the customer’s phone.

How does the retailer scan and validates the pass? What are the steps?

Retailers can scan the Digital Punch Card using an iPhone and Android device which has the verification app installed. You can also choose to validate Digital Punch Cards with any scanning app using a mobile browser and PIN password. Lastly, you can also add Punches directly in the Loyalty users Dashboard.

How are punches validated and verified so there is no punch fraud?

When you use the Verifier App your Scanning app is locked to the Punch Card so only that scanning device will be allowed to validate Punch Cards. You can also view analytics and metrics to identify any kind of Punch Card fraud.

Can I update passes in real-time?

YES! Digital Punch Cards can be changed in real-time and additional offers for your customers to take advantage of can be added instantly without having to reinstall the Digital Punch Card.

Does a Punch Card need to be installed to get GPS and Beacon Notifications?

Yes, GPS and Beacon notifications will only be sent to people who have downloaded and installed the Punch Card into their mobile wallet.

Is it fast for the business owner to validate individual punches?

Validating Punch Cards happens in real-time and only takes a few seconds.

Do customers need to download a separate app?

NO! Customers do not need to download a special app, this will work natively with Apple Wallet and all other smartphone Mobile Wallet apps.

Can I make the Digital Punch Card custom branded for my clients?

YES! You can customize a number of elements on the actual Digital Punch Card to make it unique for your clients.

Program Dashboard Overview

The 2 Reward Me Mobile Wallet Dashboard provides you with an overview of your existing campaigns. Please refer to the image below to familiarize yourself with the different elements of the Dashboard.


1 – Dashboard Tab

An overview of your existing campaign is displayed on this tab. You have your analytics as well the recent customers that have downloaded your campaign’s punch card.


2 – Program Tab

You create, design and edit new and existing punch cards using this tab. If you are currently viewing an existing campaign, you can edit the appearance of your campaign through this tab.


3 – Customers Tab

It is here where you view the specific details of your customers who have already downloaded the punch cards onto their mobile devices.


4 – Offers Tab

Associate your campaign’s rewards using this tab. It is here where you create another card that will appear once customers have accumulated the necessary points. You can provide details on what rewards the customer can have when you create the offers.


5 – Perform Scan

Should you want to find a specific customer, enter the punch card’s serial number using this field. Once you click the Scan button, it will display the details of a specific customer.


6 – Active Offers

The Offers that are associated with your campaign is listed on this section. You can have several Offers associated with a single campaign.


7 – Analytics Graph

A visual representation of the performance of your current punch card campaign. It displays how many customers have joined, installed the punch cards on their mobile devices, number of punches already given and earned as well as your redemption statistics.


8 – New Customers

A list of the latest customers who have signed up and downloaded the punch card on their mobile devices is listed here.


9 – Customer button

If you click on this button, it will take you to the customer’s page displaying their specific details.

Program (Creating New Program)

When creating a new program for your campaign, you will be taken to the Program page wherein you have to input details for your campaign. It has two parts, the punch card function. The punch card function is where you set what your punch card does, and the punch card details is where you put specific information such as terms and conditions of your promotional campaign:


A – Punch Card Function


1 – Name field

This is the name of your punch card campaign


2 – Description

Provide a short description of your punch card campaign using this field.


3 – Country

Select which country where you will implement the punch card campaign.


4 – Language

You can choose the default language of the punch card, adding localization settings for your customers.


5 – Punch Card Icon

This will be the icon that will be displayed on locked screen notification for mobile devices.


6 – Punch Card Scheme

Select the main function of the card, whether it will be a punch card function, tiered membership, or if it will be used for a one time special offer. You can also select Custom to which you will have complete control on the function of the card.


7 – Punches for Activities

You can set the number of reward points each activity your customer engages into. For example, if the custom adds their email address to the punch card, you can reward them with a point or a couple for doing such action. Leave the fields as blank if you do not want an action to have a corresponding point.


B – Punch Card Details


1 – Company Name (Required)

Input the name of the company whose campaign this punch card belongs to.


2 – Address (Required)

The specific address of the business establishment who owns the campaign.


3 – Website (Optional)

If the company has a website, you may input it on this field. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.


4 – Email (Required)

The official contact email of the company that can address punch card concerns.


5 – Phone (Required)

A phone number that can be reached by customers should they have additional queries about the punch card campaign.


6 – Terms

You can input the specific terms and conditions of the punch card campaign on this field. This will appear on the back of the card when customers flip it on the mobile pass app.


7 – Scanning and Redemption

There are three options on how the card can be distributed.

Pass Verifier: A Pass Verifier app needs to be downloaded by the customer so that they can download the punch card. Additionally, you need to register your campaign using the Pass Verifier website.

Browser: This is the most generic method, users can just scan the QR distribution code and have the punch card downloaded immediately to their mobile devices.

None: Select this if you plan to distribute the mobile punch cards manually, by emailing the distribution link or distribution QR code. Works best if you wish to distribute it only to a select list of customers.


8 – Punch Change Message

This is the custom message that appears when the customer’s punch card is updated. the %@ format is for the number of punches that the card has accumulated.


9 – Create/Cancel Button

Once the entire details of the punch card is set, you may create your punch card by clicking the Create button.

Customers Details Overview

You can also view the details of specific customers that have already downloaded you pass as well enroll, send a push notification message to all punch card holders, as well as manually add customers onto the campaign.

1 – Customer Data Table

This is where all the data of customers who have downloaded the punch card onto their mobile devices. The customer name, email, phone number as well as the number of punches on their cards is displayed.


2 – Show Punch Card Details button

If you wish to see the specific details like the actions done by the customer on their punch card as well as the associated offer that the customer currently undertaking, you can click on this button. It will also show the unique serial number of the pass that is on the customer’s mobile device. See the image below of the page where you will be taken when you click on this button:

On this page, you can edit the customer details, send a unique message to this specific customer, open the associated offers, see the actual card on the customer’s mobile device, and deleting/invalidating the punch card for this customer.


3 – Edit Customer

Changing a customers’ details can be done by clicking on this button. It will take you to a page where you can edit the Last Name, First Name, Email, Phone number as well as the number of punches for that customer’s punch card.


4 – Delete Customer

Should you wish to delete a specific customer, you may click on this button.


5 – New Customer button

Manually enrolling or adding a customer for this punch card campaign can be done through by clicking this button. You will be required to input the customer’s last name, first name, email, and phone number. The customer needs to download the punch card as well through the share URL or through the QR distribution code. 


6 – Export Customer Data

You can export the customer data through this button. You will be taken to page where you can download a CSV file containing all customer data.


7 – Broadcast message

If you wish to broadcast a notification to all your punch card holders, you may click on this button. Please be aware that excessive use of this feature may lead to blocking of your cards.

Creating Offers Overview

Each punch card loyalty campaign needs to be associated with a single offer. This is the reward for the customers who have completed the required number of punches stipulated on the loyalty card.


1 – Offer List

This table provides an overview of all of the offers/rewards that are associated with the punch card campaign. A single punch card campaign can have several offers associated with it.


2 – Edit Offer

You can edit existing offers/rewards using this button. You will be taken to an overview page about the reward. You can configure the mechanism of the offer/reward as well as the appearance of the punch card.


3 – Add Offer/Rewards

If you wish to add another offer/reward to your punch card campaign, click on this button and you will be taken to a page where you will asked to place the necessary details and functions of your reward.


Program (Editing and Existing Program)

If you wish to edit one of your existing campaigns, all you need to do is select the campaign on the toolbar on the top then click on the Program tab. You will see the interface depicted on the image below:



1 – Campaign Icon

This is the associated icon that was set during the creation of the punch card campaign. This can be changed by clicking on the Configure button.


2 – Share URL

This is the unique URL associated with the punch card. You may copy this URL and embed it on different webpages or on your email marketing campaigns.


3 – Distribution QR Code

When you wish to distribute the punch card across print materials such as posters, flyers, brochures, etc., you can download the image by right clicking the QR code and selecting Save Image As.


4 – Configure Button

If you wish to edit the punch card campaign functions and other details, click on this button and you will be taken to the same page when you first created the punch card campaign.


5 – Customer Data

If you would like to see the data about the customers who have already downloaded and installed this specific punch card, click on this button.


6 – Activity Data

To view the in-depth analytics of the performance of the specific punch card campaign, you can click on this button. It will display the different data about the punch card i.e. number of punches, number of installs, number of redemptions, etc.


7 – Delete

If the campaign period is over and you wish to delete the punch card, you can click on this button. It will prompt you to confirm if you would really like to delete the campaign.


8 – Customize Punch Card Appearance

Changing the appearance of the punch card can be done by clicking on this button. Editing the appearance of a punch card can be found on this page.

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