Mobile Wallet Marketing

Mobile Wallet Marketing

Mobile Wallets have heavily increased in popularity.

Marketers should try to benefit from the fact that millions of IOS and Android users already have the Mobile Wallet on their smartphone.

2 Reward Me enables you to create ‘digital wallet proof’ Digital CouponsVouchers, and Loyalty Cards.


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Our Tools for Mobile Wallet marketing


Accurate overview of customer interactions and campaign, coupons data.

Promotion software

Create, distribute and validate your homemade digital campaigns.


Geofence is a virtual boundary that can range from over 300 feet to a mile to anything else.

Push notifications

Send relevant push notifications when someone is near your location.

Easy to set up

Have your campaigns running in a few minutes, it’s easy to set up and modify.


Provide incentives for shoppers to enter the store, send targeted proximity promotions near the store.


Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons


Assure single-use digital campaigns. Generate unique links and coupon codes.

Works Offline

Even when offline, the wallet is perfectly operable.

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Digital Campaign Types


Generate Store visits, trigger conversions, and boost your sales by offering appealing discount Coupons to your audience.


Accept payments through Digital Vouchers. The customer receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.

Loyalty Card

Start a digital loyalty program to stimulate people to come back to your business and reward repeat purchases.

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What We Do

Online & Social Reputation Report

Platform omnichannel click bait thought leadership pivot. Disrupt taste makers council conversions emerging.

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