QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing

QR Codes are convenient distribution tools for digital campaigns in print media.

QR Codes are very cost-effective, have various applications, and easily connect offline campaigns with an online sequel.

Furthermore, people easily adopt the habit of scanning QR Codes because it’s very common nowadays.

2 Reward Me enables you to create QR Code proof’ Digital CouponsVouchers, and Loyalty Cards.

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Our Tools for QR Code Marketing


Accurate overview of customer and campaign data.

Built-in generator

Generate secure QR Codes using the built-in QR Code generator.


Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons

Promotion software

Create, distribute and validate your homemade digital campaigns.

Easy to set up

Have your campaigns running in a few minutes.


Assure single-use digital campaigns.

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Digital Campaign Types


Generate Store visits, trigger conversions, and boost your sales by offering appealing discount Coupons to your audience.


Accept payments through Digital Vouchers. The customer receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.

Loyalty Card

Start a digital loyalty program to stimulate people to come back to your business and reward repeat purchases.

Coupon Directory

Collect all your Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards in one digital catalog. Easy to add or delete deals.

How to set up QR Codes?

1. Create

Create digital campaigns with the 2RewardMe platform.

2. Generate

Generate a secure QR Code of your digital campaign.

3. Scan

Distribute the QR Code. The user scans it and the campaign opens in his browser.

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