Mobile Strategy


Mobile Strategy


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Mobile Marketing & Retention Strategy 

Mobile should be an integral part of your overall marketing and communications strategy with customers and employees. Our team of mobile strategists will work closely with you to design an effective mobile strategy that addresses your short and long term business needs and achieves identifiable goals.

This multi-step process involves:

  • Understanding your business model and current marketing and communication strategies and marketing mix
  • Determining the role that mobile communication will play in your business and co-play with other channels
  • Developing a mobile strategy that streamlines communication (marketing and other) across channels, capture customer data and grow usage and adoption
  • Overseeing ongoing execution and analyzing results

A well planned and executed mobile strategy is crucial to your success with mobile marketing.


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Integrating Mobile Cross-Channel

Developing a comprehensive mobile strategy represents just one part of the equation. Integrating your mobile strategy cross-channel is instrumental to the success of your mobile efforts.

Our mobile strategists will work closely with your team to assess your existing marketing and communication channels. We’ll help you develop a mobile strategy that integrates across all of these channels to maximize your ROI.

Developing a Mobile Playbook

What types of campaigns should I run?

How often should I send my messages?

How do I issue and validate rewards?

These are just a couple of the questions we’ll address when creating your short and long term mobile strategy.

Every business is unique and there is no “boilerplate” or “off the shelf” mobile strategy that can be applied to achieve great results! Our mobile experts will work closely with you to develop a unique and effective Mobile Playbook for your business.


Customer Digital Journey

Which Mobile Solutions are Most Effective for Your Business? We’ll Work Closely with You to Develop A Comprehensive Mobile Strategy that Is Custom Tailored for Your Needs.


We have significant experience working closely with corporate brands, small and medium-sized businesses to help develop and execute mobile marketing and communication strategies that encompass a variety of mobile initiatives and compliment a business’s overall communications and marketing strategy.


Our process involves assessing the existing business model and communication strategies, defining opportunities that exist within the mobile channel, and developing a comprehensive plan of action to drive ROI and increase efficiency for the organization.


We partner with best in class SaaS providers to offer our clients a diverse portfolio of industry-leading technologies for marketing and communication.

How We Help You

We understand that every company, brand, and marketer is unique. That’s why we provide multiple account management options to help you best utilize the marketing platform.

You can use 2 Reward Me as a “Do It Yourself” software. You can also have us plan, manage, and execute your mobile communications for you. Or, we can work together as a team to develop and execute your mobile communication efforts. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered!

I Want To Do It Myself

If you have the resources and experience with mobile communications, we can train you on our intuitive marketing platform. Then, we’ll hand you the keys and play a supportive role as you manage and execute your own campaigns. You’ll have access to telephone and email support, plus a comprehensive set of knowledge base tutorials.

Let’s Do It Together

The best of both worlds! We combine forces in a collaborative approach to manage and execute your mobile marketing campaigns & communications. Our teams work together to define strategic responsibilities and share in the overall management and execution of your mobile strategy.

We Do It For You

Leverage our experience and knowledge. We will do it all. We are responsible for developing a mobile strategy, creating content, setting up your program, executing and overseeing the mobile campaign, optimizing, and analysis.

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