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Training and Support


You can count on our support and reach out to us via multiple channels. Our support and training are always 100% free.

Do you have any questions? We have answers!

Call us and we’ll pick up.

Email us and expect to see a response within minutes.

That’s what we do!

Hands-on training and support.

2 Reward Me provides more than a decade of experience in the mobile
space. We’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t.

Our team of mobile experts will educate you on successful mobile
strategies and tactics that are proven to work and drive results.

Hands-On Training

Our team of experts will guide you through a customized and
easy to follow training process. This will include software training,
education, and compliance with laws and guidelines, best practices,
the latest trends, and more!


Get MOBILE Educated!

Our mobile support team will work closely with your team to assist with your existing marketing and communication questions and will guide you through the platform, support portal, templates and best practices.

We provide consultation, training, and support with the following:

  • Mobile Technology – How to effectively use the iVision mobile communications platform.
  • Mobile Best Practices – How to determine the frequency, timing, content, etc.
  • Compliance and regulations (Mobile Marketing Association & Carrier Best Practices, TCPA, Common Short Codes, etc.)
  • The latest in mobile technologies and innovations.
  • and much more…

How We Help You

We understand that every company, brand, and marketer is unique. That’s why we provide multiple account management options to help you best utilize the marketing platform.

You can use 2 Reward Me as a “Do It Yourself” software. You can also have us plan, manage, and execute your mobile communications for you. Or, we can work together as a team to develop and execute your mobile communication efforts. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered!

We are ALWAYS ON – 24/7/365 Support

Messages are sent, coupons are published, and redeemed at just about all times of day and night. Our dedicated team of experts is here to answer any questions you have, at any time. Our customer service team representatives are:

Based in the US

Fully proficient with the 2 Reward Me marketing platforms

Experienced with the mobile industry and solutions

Available via chat, phone call or email at anytime

I Want To Do It Myself

If you have the resources and experience with mobile communications, we can train you on our intuitive marketing platform. Then, we’ll hand you the keys and play a supportive role as you manage and execute your own mobile campaigns. You’ll have access to telephone and email support, plus a comprehensive set of knowledge base tutorials.

Let’s Do It Together

The best of both worlds! We combine forces in a collaborative approach to manage and execute your marketing programs and mobile communications. Our teams work together to define strategic responsibilities and share in the overall management and execution of your mobile strategy.

We Do It For You

Leverage our experience and knowledge. We will do it all. We are responsible for developing a mobile strategy, creating content, setting up your program, executing and overseeing the mobile campaign, optimizing, and analysis.

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Platform omnichannel click bait thought leadership pivot. Disrupt taste makers council conversions emerging.

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