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A Mobile Marketing Kiosk is an in-store customer interaction tool. It’s mainly used to capture visitors’ data but there are other interesting applications.

With the Mobile Marketing Kiosk, in-store clients easily send themselves your latest discounts or your Loyalty card, redeem coupons and check-in for Loyalty Card Stamp. This way visitors engage with your promotions and you collet marketing optin’s and client data.

Loyalty Rewards & Customer Engagement

The digital kiosk has proven to be the missing piece of the puzzle for mobile marketers. For years mobile marketers have struggled with “average” opt-in rates with traditional mobile campaigns. With the digital kiosk, businesses are seeing a 500-1,000% increase in Participation Rates

Benefits of the Digital Kiosk

The digital kiosk is the most impactful tool in a business’s overall marketing and communications strategy. Adding a digital kiosk to the point of sale experience, lets customers easily join and participate in a mobile club or digital loyalty and rewards program, using only their mobile number.

Businesses leverage the kiosk to build a sizable database of opted-in customers they can communicate with on an ongoing basis using SMS and MMS messaging for alerts, special offers, promotions, and critical changes to business operations. Businesses that have implemented the digital kiosk have experienced a 500-1,000% increase in opt-in participation rates versus traditional marketing channels.

Customer retention is the name of the game! Digital coupons drive customers into storefronts and the digital kiosk tracks coupon redemption and keeps customers engaged with automated offers for inactive customers.


The digital kiosk is an extension of your brand. Complete design customization lets users make it their own


Use the split-screen feature to animate the kiosk and showcase featured items or display rotating advertisements.


The adjustable security enclosure can support multiple devices and also protects your tablet from theft and misuse.


No more signs with QR Codes, keywords & shortcodes. The kiosk allows for easy entry with a digital touch-screen keypad.


Each customer check-in is tracked and automated offers can be sent to those customers who haven’t been by for some time.


The digital kiosk can capture up to 4 additional fields of data such as birthday, email, zip code, and more.

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Mobile Marketing Kiosk Types

Choose the opt-in method that suits your business model

Opt-in via SMS (text) messages

Opt-in via SMS (text) messages:

Users enter their mobile phone number to opt-in only, to send themselves a Digital Coupon or a Digital Loyalty Card.

Opt-in via email

Opt-in via email:

Users enter their email address to opt-in only, to send themselves a Digital Coupon or a Digital Loyalty Card.

How to set up Mobile Marketing Kiosk.

1. Create

Create digital campaigns with the 2 Reward Me platform.

2. Setup Marketing Kiosk

Setup Mobile Marketing Kiosk using the built-in software tool.

3. Distribute

Set up your kiosk and let customers send your digital campaigns to themselves.

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