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Mobile communication is powerful and the possibilities are endless. But due to the evolving and ever-changing nature of the industry, it is important to focus on the right solutions that work. Making the right decisions, at the right time, can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, we have both a powerful web-based mobile communications platform and a dedicated team of experts that are ready to help!

Engage Our Mobile Experts

You gain access to a team of experts with 15+ years of mobile experience that will help you achieve your objectives. We will work closely with you and your team to design a powerful mobile experience, structure an effective long-term strategy, and support you with using our powerful mobile platform.

  •  Mobile Strategy
  •  Account Management
  •  Implementation 
  •  Custom Integrations
  •  Training & Support

Our Tools for Brand & Channel Marketing

Engage & Re-Engage

The 2 Reward Me communications platform puts you in control and gives you the tools to engage and RE-engage your audience. We offer several modules such as the birthday club, Anniversary Club, Kiosk Auto-Engage, and Interactive Time Delay which are specifically designed for “drip” type communication that re-engages and targets your contacts at strategic points throughout the customer life-cycle.

These re-engagement tools are used to drive recurring business and maintain ongoing customer relationships.


All campaigns are fully white-label, which makes it possible to alter the look and feel of the campaigns to your own branding.

API & Webhooks

Connect your favorite apps with 2 Reward Me to transfer data and make automation possible.

Data & insights

Easily capture customer data using our digital campaigns. Apart from customer data, there’s an accurate overview of your campaign statistics.

User Permissions & Teammates

Easily add teammates to your main account and set up specific permissions.

CRM and POS integrations

2 Reward Me integrates seamlessly into your existing CRM and POS tools.

Custom solutions

We provide custom work and assist you in ideation and realization, we can manage your digital program as well.


Security is a priority. That’s why we are both
GDPR and CCPA compliant. Furthermore, we
provide secure built-in validations methods,
social login, SSL protected landing pages, and
single-use codes.


Example solutions Retail Digital Marketing

In-store marketing

Spice up the shoppers’ experience by providing digital games and discounts.

Drive-to-store marketing

Attract store visitors by adding tempting digital discounts to your existing communication efforts.


Use our digital loyalty program to maintain customer relationships and stimulate repeat purchases.

Digital Campaign Types


Generate Store visits, trigger conversions, and boost your sales by offering appealing discount Coupons to your audience.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Accept payments through Digital Vouchers. The customer receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.

Loyalty  & Rewards Card

Start a digital loyalty program to stimulate people to come back to your business and reward repeat purchases.

Coupon Directory

Collect all your Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards in one digital catalog. Easy to add or delete deals.

Services we provide for Brands & Enterprise  Marketing Programs

We understand that every company, brand, and marketer is unique. That’s why we provide multiple account management options to help you best utilize our marketing platform.

You can use 2 Reward Me as a “Do It Yourself” software. You can also have our team plan, manage, and execute your mobile communications for you. Or, we can work together as a team to develop and execute your mobile communication efforts. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered!

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

We provide expert assistance through the many steps required to bring each of your marketing programs to a successful launch. Our Team is ready to take on any custom integration project.

Training & Support

Training & Support

Do you have any questions? We have answers! Call us and we’ll pick up. Email us and expect to see a response within minutes. Our team of experts will guide you through a customized and easy to follow training process.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy

Mobile should be an integral part of your overall marketing and communications strategy with customers and employees. Our team of mobile strategists will work closely with you to design an effective mobile strategy

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Leverage our experience and knowledge. We will do it all. We are responsible for executing and overseeing the mobile campaigns according to the promo calendar or your instructions.

Program Management

Program Management

Leverage our experience and knowledge. We will do it all. We are responsible for developing a mobile strategy, creating content, setting up your program, executing and overseeing the mobile campaign, optimizing and analysis.

Consulting & Implementation

Consulting & Implementation

We will customize our onboarding process to align with your company’s unique needs. The personalized process tracks all the key components of a new program launch, including the strategic planning, content creation, execution timeline and defined goals and reporting requirements.

How to work with the Digital Marketing Platform.

1. Create Digital Campaign

Create Digital Loyalty Card

Start from one of the many template Loyalty Cards and completely customize it to your branding.

2. Publish Digital Campaign

Publish Loyalty Cards

Publish your Loyalty Cards within a few clicks through your favorite communication channels.

3. Validate & Redeem Offers

Validate & Issue Point & Stamps

Carefully assign points or stamps to Loyalty Cards with the platform’s built-in validation methods.

4. Analyse Campaign Data

Analyse Campaign Data

Consult your real-time campaign data and customer statistics to adjust your future digital campaigns if needed.

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