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Simple and effective websites and marketing for retailers and service-oriented small businesses.

            Everything a Small Business Needs to be Online!

Business owners can now have turnkey marketing websites that are easy to set up, easy to customize to promote their business, products, and services, and easy to personalize. The managed website service from 2RewardMe provides businesses with an online control panel they can use for quick set up, and to choose from multiple templates, add blog posts, and much more.

We deliver Modern Managed & Hosted Websites

  • The latest in website design and search engine optimization
  • Optimized layout for maximum customer lead response
  • Responsive designs for smartphones, tablets and optimal ranking with Google
  • Online control panel editor to instantly update your website
  • Customizable pages with dynamic content featuring
  • E-commerce ready, just add your products
  • Multiple add-on options; appointment, waitlist, reviews, click to call.
  • Fully integrated with your social media, icons like Yelp & Facebook, Instagram
  • We make your site Google-friendly with custom SEO settings to drive results

Fully Customized for your Business


  • Fast and reliable hosting with unlimited file space and bandwidth.
  • Automatic software updates ensuring your site stays up to date.
  • Automated backups to make sure you never lose your content.
  • Enterprise level security ensuring your site from hackers and other threats.
  • Free SSL security certificate to protect your visitors’ personal information.
  • Twice-a-month blog articles delivering fresh content to your audience
  • Powerful promotion tools for coupons, specials, and discounts.
  • Fully customizable desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your website.
  • Monthly analytics reports right to your inbox so you can track your results.
  • Personalized technical support that is there whenever you need it.
  • Retail specific tools map, click-to-call, waitlist, appointments
  • A strategic partner that genuinely cares about your long term success

10 Benefits of Using 2RewardMe to Power Your Company’s Website

1. Ease of Use

The website is straightforward to use and has an intuitive interface.  Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a regular basis is a breeze and can be done quickly.  Because the technology is so simple, time spent on formatting is greatly reduced.

2. Manage Your Website from Any Computer

Admin panel is browser-based. You can login from any Internet-connected computer and manage your site.

3. No Coding, or HTML Editing, or FTP Software Required

We provide a self-contained system and does not require HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver). You can create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without the need for additional HTML or FTP software.

4. Search Engines Love WordPress Sites

The code behind the website is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content. In addition, each page, post, and image can have its own meta tag keywords, description, and title, and be optimized for specific keywords, allowing for very precise search engine optimization.

5. You Have Control of Your Site

No more waiting for your web designer to make simple updates to your site. With 2RewardMe, you have control of nearly every aspect of your site and can easily make those simple updates yourself.

 6. The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable

 6. The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable

2RewardMe acts as the engine for your website. The look and feel of the site can be 100% customized so your brand can shine through on your site and provide a unique experience to your visitors.

7. A Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go

With blogging, capabilities are built-in and are easy to integrate if desired. Setting up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog, commenting capabilities, and automatically adding the most recent blog posts to other pages of the site (your home page, for example) are also very simple to set-up, and help to extend your company’s reach and make your site more dynamic and interactive.

8. Extend the Functionality of Your Site with Plugins

Want to add an appointment scheduler, waitlist, event calendar, video gallery, Facebook Fan Box, and more to your site? 2RewardMe makes this possible with plugins, most of which are free or very reasonably priced.

9. Your Site Can Grow as Your Business Grows

2RewardMe sites are very scalable. You can have hundreds of thousands of pages or blog posts on your site and the performance of the site will not be compromised in the least.

10. Have Multiple Users

As an administrator of a site, you can set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user.


How long does it take to get my website?

One of our website advisors will ask you a few questions to understand your specific needs, then begin building your website. We spend hours designing so you don’t have to! Most websites are live in 1-2 days.

How do I make changes to my site?

After your website is live, you can easily call or email our member services team to make changes. We also provide a backend so you can make changes yourself (if you prefer)!

Can my design use the same colors as my branding?

Yes! Our team will extract the colors from your branding and apply it throughout your website theme

Could you embed videos onto my homepage design?

Absolutely. Your customers will benefit from seeing a short welcome video on your homepage, and this is a feature that we can certainly embed onto your site. We recommend creating a Youtube account and uploading any videos to it. That way we can easily embed any of your videos onto your homepage!

Do I need to pay for my website design?

You do not pay for website design unless you want extra customizations. Simply choose one of our ready-to-go designs, then we will help you personalize it.

When should I update my website?

You can change your design as often as you like. This keeps your site looking sleek, modern, and up-to-date! You never have to pay for a website designer again.

Do I need to have a domain name?

If you don’t have a domain name, you should purchase one yourself, as it’s in your best interest to own it outright. That way if you ever decide to leave us, you can easily move to another provider.

What if I don’t have a domain name?

If you don’t have a domain name yet, our Team can complete that process for you. You will still retain ownership of your domain! Alternatively, we can host your site on our subdomain.

How do I add content to my website?

2RewardMe provides hundreds of pages of retail marketing content to support your ideas, and you can also add your own! Either ask our Team or add it through your website portal.

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